kate cooper


Katie is simply the BEST massage therapist I have ever encountered. The BEST, hands down, no pun intended. Her strength is unbeatable, but more importantly her skill...based on her knowledge and understanding of the body...is what makes her massages so effective. And she so clearly cares for her clients well-being. I can’t say enough about her. I recommend her to everyone. She is just the BEST.

Katie is amazing at Hellerwork. I didn’t even know what was the matter with my body. I tried chiro and regular massage however it was’t until I committed 10 sessions of Hellerwork that my body alignment gradually straightened out. It was intense and difficult - however the results changed my life. My shoulder and lower back pain has gone away. I literally stand taller!
— Courtney, Pacific Palisades

Regular Massage. Amazing! I highly recommend Katie for massage work. I was given a gift certificate a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. She is professional, focuses on my problem areas and makes suggestion on how I can better my posture to feel better. Love it.
— Alex, Pacific Palisades