An integration of myofascial bodywork, movement and dialogue which aligns the body-mind and emotional well being. An overall feeling of wholeness and completion to the integration of the human condition, Hellerwork is an advanced technique of deep tissue manipulation which optimizes performance for posture, function in daily activities and enhances vitality for life.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION (SI BODYWORK) is a focus of fascia, connective tissue bodywork, rather than muscles (as in massage therapy). SI is a somatic practice utilizing fascial manipulation and mindfulness. Designed to work within the framework of your body, the individual sessions restore postural balance and functional ease by aligning the body in gravity. By aligning the body in gravity, the resources used for the body’s energy becomes increasingly efficient.

Each session is tailored to the physical integrity of the client which sculpts muscles and bodies to their shape with support. There will be a wide variation of benefits, including aligned and balanced movements with ease, fluidity, efficiency and grace. Feelings of stress decrease, while relaxation increases. The experience promotes the individual potential in positive change, lowering anxiety, improving sleep, increasing confidence, flexibility and mind-body awareness.

Specialized for a targeted session to relieve tension and fatigued areas, realigning the body to its optimal balance. SI Bodywork can be used for maximum results in a short amount of time, restoring overall form with a sense of well being.

80 minutes $260

60 minutes $200

30 minutes $100


MOVEMENT INTEGRATION is educational in nature, and takes place both on and off the table. The way we move is the functionality in the physicality of the body. Awareness in movement is essential to the longevity of SI Bodywork, resulting in the union of these two powerful modalities. The SI process is learned and self-organizing. The self-adjusting alignment system comes through awareness of movement, while increasing ease and fluidity, restoring the body’s mechanisms in connection to the body.

MINDFULNESS DIALOGUE is a self-awareness dialogue involving the release of old emotions, beliefs, body image issues and energy patterns. The SI process uses this modality, as an evolving body, toward personal evolution. This type of personal work enhances SI bodywork and promotes the inquiry of self-awareness dialogue for mindfulness. This modality can be personally revolutionary, which works with the client to help discover, transition and release negative barriers, replenishing positive thoughts for integrative wellness.


SI BODYWORK facilitates more efficient use of muscles, allowing your body to conserve energy, and create more refined patters of movement with less effort. This reduces chronic stress and enhances neurological functioning.

  • Increase flexibility and ease of movement

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Improve balance

  • Release chronic pain tension and stress

  • Improve posture

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Enhance body awareness

  • Reduce effort in activity

  • Look and feel younger

  • Expand your sense of well being

Why Structural Integration?

The study of SI Bodywork and combined methods of movement and mindfulness have become a mainstay in modern wellness routines. A focus on lengthening and strengthening the body with mindfulness, trains your body to hold itself in proper form- and stay there. While an influx of tech-related misalignment issues arise, clients have developed cervical kyphosis, and many other structural issues from constantly looking on their phones. Our shoulders become imbalanced. Our Heads are heavy and shift - and this shift forward affects the the alignment of our entire body.

Although the modern tech-related communications, such as smart phones and emails, are not going anywhere soon, SI Bodywork combined with movement integration and mindfulness should be a practice of our regular self care- as much as fitness, eating clean, and a beauty regime.

CONTRAINDICATION Structural Integration is contraindicated for those with infections, fevers, acute inflammation. Some forms of rheumatoid arthritis, severe osteoporosis or osteomyelitis.



Complete |10 session package

Includes Free Consultation

60 minute Hellerwork sessions




There is a consultation with intake for information affecting your wellness; including major accidents, traumas, surgeries, and conditions that will be important for your health and personal history. A consultation is encouraged for optimal results in wellness management.

Superficially, we all look younger, thinner, more fluid and graceful, and more beautiful with good posture. Most remarkably, though posture affects digestion, immunity and metabolism.