Keep Firefighters on their feet.

Keep Firefighters on their feet.


Giving Back…

A retired Firefighter friend invited me to a fund raiser for his fellow team of colleagues, Firefighters Down 911 Memorial Concert, at Pepperdine in Malibu, California. The benefits would fund a wellness non-profit, serving Firefighters and their families, for services due to the trauma experienced on the job.

It didn’t occur to me that our modern ‘hero’ would need such a service - after all - they are a ‘hero’ - right? It turns out, these macho guys & super women - are human! The Firefighters are experiencing the same PTSD as our military - not on tour - but over a 30 year career; including the FACT that 80+ Firefighters are injured everyday in America, at 2M emergency calls per year, our American Firefighter has the highest amount of emergency calls in the industrialized world. Being first on scene - our modern world IS their war zone.

Growing up on a military base, as my father and family members are of service, the awareness hit me quickly. The realization of PTSD was hiding in the hearts of the ‘hero’. The story of Firefighters committing suicide from PTSD, the affects of the family, and the physical ailments of being on the job is awakening, to say the least. When hearing the mission of FirefightersDown.Org from co- founders Captain Mike Henry and Captain Rick Brandelli, it was then with this realization that my services toward Integrative Wellness has found a home, and cause, to give back.

If you would like to donate or even spread the word. The healing starts with awareness. It all helps, it all gives back.

For more information about this much needed non-profit organization: FirefightersDown.Org