kate cooper



WHO AM I ? I am an Artist and a Creative. I integrate wellness and beauty. I am an entrepreneur. I offer a lifestyle of healing through art, beauty and wellness holistically for an overall well being.

WHY AM I HERE ? I am here ‘because’. Be- to have an identity with cause- an ideal belief which comes from the core or root source.

My belief is to identify universal energy symbolized within the body which activates a spiritual awakening.

The cause of life experience gives an affect to expand, to learn and be mindful. To love, and to be loved. I am here to experience life fully for the integration of the body, mind and soul in complete truth and connectedness.

PURPOSE ? Subjectively, my life purpose is in connection to being the best nurturing resource of innate energy. My objective purpose is to assist in service to others towards a greater existence of well being. My focus is to be of optimal performance, including my ideals to be independent as a Creative.

CONCLUSION I hope to achieve connectedness. To be integrated holistically, through the body, mind, and spirit. To have a focal point of achievement through work, gratitude and mindfulness, interconnected with a lifestyle of wellness.

EDUCATION and CERTIFICATION. Born a California native, a background of dance and sports led me to personal training and health management. While working in the fitness industry, I received my Cosmetology License in Southern CA, at Goldenwest College.

Experiencing the beauty business led me to spa science - embarking an idea - the means to reform beauty and health, naturally. I created a product korebody® at the core of beauty after discovering the impurities in most beauty products create an imbalance to the endocrine system. My goal being to produce a beauty and wellness product, free of chemicals, made of natural resources that provide healing and health benefits for the whole body. Immersed in spa science, I received a CA License of Massage Therapy. My studies of the healing arts evolved, as my knowledge in beauty, using essential oils as a modality for health and sense of well being.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Traditional Vedic Yoga with Master Zi, expert innovator of health for over 25 years, author of Breathe, promotes the ‘Physics of Devotion’. My studies with Master Zi took my technique to another level, using ‘Chi’ - a universal energy - used in ancient practices of healing art forms, as an additional modality of wellness. I became certified in Acu-Yoga in Berkely, CA with Michael Reed Gach, which combine the traditional practices of Acupressure and Yoga to regulate chi for self-healing. Immersed in the healing arts, my interests in subtle energy expanded and became attuned as Reiki Master and Karuna Master Teacher in the Usui principles of healing.

Long working hours and physical demands, with residual car accident injuries, left me with chronic back, leg and neck pain. My energy was very low. A doctor recommended I give Hellerwork a try for the chronic pain I was feeling. I personally hadn’t heard of this style bodywork, but was immediately relieved from chronic pain and structural challenges, after having an extraordinary experience with the Hellerwork series. A whole shift in my energy changed! I could move freely, painlessly with more energy! Leaving me relieved and inspired, I knew I needed to add this to my repertoire of healing modalities. The school of structural integration led me to an advancement of education, as a Holistic Health Practitioner; and I received Certification of Hellerwork, in San Diego, CA - studying the founded principles of Ida Rolf (Rolfing founder) with master teachers Joseph Heller, Steve Bulger, and Dan Bienenfeld.

I continued core body methodologies through fitness with a Certification in Pilates.

The discovery of good posture is the secret to a graceful physique.

My love for ballet and yoga manifested to an extended study of core fitness, in Santa Monica, CA. I received a YogaBarre Certification in Teacher Training - with Nancy Norby, master teacher and the pioneer of Barre fitness in Los Angeles.

I now use the accumulated knowledge of health, fitness and beauty, with expertise of 25+ years experience, to design Integrative Wellness Plans.

My traditional education continues at Santa Monica College, CA with Majors in Studio Art, Art History and Liberal Arts, Humanities and Social Behavioral Science.


kate cooper